We ensure greater accuracy and reliability in our results thanks to the exhaustive internal and external quality controls which we apply.

Internally we undertake quality control programs based on the use of control materials mixed in with patient samples which are also analyzed, as well as other proprietary controls of specialized areas, such as those based on the guidelines established by the European Cytogenetics Association established by their own protocol. At the external level, we are involved in over 89 quality assessment programs in Spain (SEQC, AEFA, AEBM, SEIMC, AEHH, etc.), and internationally (UKNEQAS, LGC, GQUAS, DEQAS, ERNDIM, QCMD, EMQN, etc.), which include over 500 different biological quantities. We also have our own quality control processes based on feedback metrics from our customers and the quality of results, since we always seek customer assessment. We manage quality in terms of processes and as indicators, based, for example, on assessing satisfaction regarding quality of our facilities, claims, results delivery turnaround and urgent request management.

By submitting to stringent quality control programs, we guarantee excellent quality in our service.
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